Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Killing of Gays as a Biblical Mandate

"Faith for All of Life" is the official publication of Chalcedon, the education agency for the Reconstruction movement. The latest issue (Nov. /Dec. 2007 pg. 2) carries an article from Mark Rushdoony, the son of the famous founder. Founder R. J. Rushdoony was highlighted in the issue reminding readers the movement must not move away from the doctrines of its originator. Quoting Mark on his father we read;
"I remember once when he commented on the horror with which his observation on INSTITUTES OF BIBLICAL LAW I that homosexuality was a moral abomination before God deserving of a death sentence was received. His critics always referred to this as what 'Rushdoony advocates' or what 'Rushdoony believes.' His comment was 'I was writing about what the Bible said. What did they expect me to write?'
Anyone who doubts the movement advocates killing abortion providers or gays hasn't been paying attention.


Stiles Watson said...

If, I quote Scripture (i.e. the word of God) and you don't like what I write, then you have an issue with God, not with me — that was Rushdoony's point when he said, 'I was writing about what the Bible said. What did they expect me to write?' He was a theologian after all.

Nevertheless, your title is misleading at best. Neither the Bible, nor Rushdoony, advocates the vigilante/mob killing of gays — Reconstructionists do not advocate anarchy. In a Biblical society, where men are governed by the laws of their Creator instead of a totalitarian, humanistic State, the "sword," or the ability to punish law-breakers, belongs to the magistrate. It would be just as unlawful in a Biblical society as it is now for me to murder either a baby-killer or someone who publicly practices sodomy. If I am not a magistrate, then I have to bring my complaint before a judge. The idea of a just trial is a Biblical idea.

Don Wilkey said...

Stiles, thanks for posting. However, you are not aware of what the movement has openly advocated for decades. R. J. and son in law North have openly admitted this. Read the article. Groups who monitor the movement know this and repeat it to others. By the way the Bible did advocate the killing of gays and women who did not cry out rape in adultery, Deut. 22;24.