Friday, February 19, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why Ken Starr Sould Not Be President of Baylor

1. In John 7, there is a familiar story of lawyers who drug a Jewish girl caught in adultery into the public square. The lawyers did not care about he law, justice or faith, it was merely a political ploy to destroy somebody. James Harris used to say the act committed by the Pharisees was worse than the act committed by the woman in the heat of passion. Which character(s) in this story represent the new head of a Baptist school?
2. Ken Starr spend over $52 million to prosecute a President and it proved to be a failure as experts warned the nation this impeachment would never happen. Not exactly good stewardship.
3. Some Biblical commentators believe the Pharisees in John's story were involved in the same thing the woman was and that was what Jesus wrote in the sand. During
Starr's legal maneuvering, the leading opposing political party had a long list of people doing the exact same thing as the President. While the House leader was leading the charge for impeachment, he was having an affair with a staff member.
4. Starr ain't a Baptist.
5. Baylor often uses euphemistic language to pass something along to its supporters. A few years ago I received a letter stating the university had decided to discontinue its "unclothed anatomical figurine drawing class". Most of us didn't know what they were talking about in East Texas. If they had told us they were closing he nude modeling co-ed class we would have understood. The spin is that Starr is a Democrat!
6. Since the Baylor basketball player, who was poor and drove a new SUV, capped a few rounds into fellow team member, Baylor has held the spotlight quite often for embarrassing reasons. Not to mention a huge debt, harming the church/state tradition, and firing administrators.
7. Starr went against President Bush's wishes and pushed for a pro-choice Supreme Court nominee. Texas Baptists are not pro-choice.
8. I assume leaders of institutions ought to draw folks together, not splinter them further apart.
9. You cannot trust the regents at Baylor with the rocky recent history.
10. In just about every truck stop in Texas there is a sarcastic bumper sticker. It reads, "remember the golden rule, those who have the gold make the rules". This choice appears to be like the famous movie line, "show me the money".

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pope said...


I was wondering if you are the same Don Wilkey that wrote the articles at this website
Specifically the article on Public Education and the Christian Right?

If so I'd be interested in picking your brain about a couple of things you mention in the article, especially any Christian Right / Christian Coalition support in Texas for anti-Robin Hood school funding plans.

I'm a grad student at University of California Davis doing a research paper on the Religious Right in Texas and I stumbled across your article by accident. I've always had a hunch the emergent Christian Right at the time picked up on the Robin Hood plan as a political issue but prior to their political victories in 1994 there is very little written about them in the major Texas newspapers. Any idea on sources or places to look for more information? Thanks for any help!

John Kincaid